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Lida Diet Pills

Fantastic! I have used this about 2 years ago and after I had my baby, I have gained about 20 pounds so I turn to lida for help again and it didnn't let me donw, I have lost the extra...

- Rolando Deans

100 Boxes Lida Daidaihua

100 Boxes Lida Daidaihua
100 Boxes Lida Daidaihua

Price:   $769.90

Retail and Wholesale For Worldwide Customers!
3-7 Days For Delivery with Free Shipping!
15-20 Lbs Less Soon, No Side Effect Nor Rebounding, Order Now and Reduce Weight Right Away!
No diet restriction and only one capsule a day, you will reduce the fat and slim your body, adopting pure natural ingredients, Lida Daidaihua provides 2-3 times slimming effect for you than other slimming pills in the market, you will reduce your excess fat safely with this green formula.

DaiDaihua Extract, Job's-tears, Cassia Seed, Mulberry Leaf Extract

Using suggestion: 1. One capsule a day before or after breakfast. Do not take more capsules than recommended.
2. Drink more water and eat more fruit if thirsty (not enough pure water in your body reduces the body's glucose level in the blood, which causes weakness and dizziness).
3. Do not skip meals (especially breakfast and lunch), it is important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet while taking this pill, including pure water and natural juices.
4. Do not consume alcohol, tea and coffee etc. It may neutralize the effectiveness of the slimming process.

Specification: 350mg/30 Capsules/Box
Usage&Dosage: One capsule per day, half hour before or after breakfast
Precaution: Not for Children, pregnant woman and patients of cordis-vasal disease, apoplexy etc
Producer: Kunming Lingcao Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
General Franchiser: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
No.372, West Renmin Road, Kunming, Yunnan Province

by lolwah cornwell
I have been taking this LIDA for 3 weeks and I have lost 2 inches off my waist and 1 inch off my hips without exercising! I think it is good and worthy of having a try.

by ana Alvarado
I started taking the lida daidaihua Strong Version several weeks ago and also went on a diet. The first two weeks I dropped 10 pounds. The weight loss is evident around my mid-section and my clothes are looser. I am satisfied with it.

by Cynthia draper
An important thing i have learned from taking Lida Daidaihua is water is really important during your weight loss , if you don’t drink much water when you using the product, you won’t lose much fat .

by Cindy Isdell
Nothing huge, around 10 lbs in about 6 weeks, but for someone like me who just couldn\'t seem to lose anything at all, no matter what, I\'m beyond thrilled!

by Cynthia Petrovska
I recently tried this product and loved it.I personally have combined these pills with a diet and exercise plan and I have seem results.

by erica Sertdemir
perfect through the Holiday season. I could go for hours without feeling any hunger or cravings. I would recommend and to a friend and will continue to use myself. Thanks for introducing a great product.

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